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boring PSA type post.
gen: book and glasses.
recycledstars wrote in alittlebitmad
No new stories of late: I apologise. Life has been a little busy and my muse appears to be too tired to come up with anything for you by the end of the day. (However you can expect my entry for queer_bigbang by the end of the month and I will be making finishing up loose ends in the Castle fandom a priority over my two week break at the beginning of July.)

But this post isn't really about that. I have had an idea for some time now to create a companion community to this one where I would post Hulked-out author's notes kind of posts - basically a few little tidbits about my writing process and detailed dissection of the stories themselves, my thoughts on themes, that kind of thing. I've had the URL littlebitsofmad since I created this community (entirely by accident because I accidentally created two communities) so that's where you'll find such posts if you have any desire to read them.

(I am aware of how entirely narcissistic the concept is but indulge me: there is some legitimate blogging to be had, and I'll happily discuss interpretations of the characters etc. with you there.)

The debut post is a bit of a reflection of the pre-Always fic I inflicted on you all, angsty as it was. I wanted to explain myself and maybe beg for forgiveness just a little bit. Youncan find the post here.

Right, carry on. I feel compelled to tell you that I love you all.


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