A Little Bit Mad

you're here for the story, right?

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Good, he says, because I sent that video to Ryan and Esposito.

Oh, fuck I laughed so hard.

Hahaha I know, but he would. (I mean, not really, but the threat, the threat.)

Thank you so much.


I haven't used livejournal in about a year. Seriously. Not a comment, not a single public post. But this made me sign in and comment, because it's just too good. It's absolutely fantastic. I'm just... I don't have words.

Beautifully done, and so much fun to read!

Oh. Thank you so much.

I'm really glad it was fun. :)

OMG that ending. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

And he so would have an app for that, wouldn't he?

Brilliant as always, you write these characters as if it you were born to do this. Your stories are just so genuine and there's a complexity to them that is never complicated and I just love.

P.S. This is shutthefront-door from Tumblr!


And thank you so much! That's ugh, people say such nice things and I never know how to respond, but I'm really genuinely glad you enjoyed it and thank you for commenting.

(Not for nothing, that's sort of based on a real app called 8mm, which is about as douchebaggy as Hipstamatic or Instagram but I totally have it.)

Jesus, Paula.

This is so...everything they truly are. And the second to last line is so perfectly Castle.

Stop going to school and write me Castle/Beckett anything for a living; thanks.

No lie, sometimes I do wonder if I should start sending this shit to men's magazines. I used to think I wrote lady porn though clearly we passed 'ladylike' a while back now (which is cool because pssh, FEMINISM) and now we're just pretty firmly in the territory of letters to Playboy.


Thank you. I'm so glad they managed to have character in all of that. One worries sometimes, when one can't really make eye contact with the computer any more.

Oh my gosh this is SO GREAT!!!! It's actually like, cute and I'm not sure why because it's basically just sex and filthy hot things BUT I AM DIGGING IT. And it made me feel warm and cuddly inside, so a+. (ALSO A LITTLE BIT TERRIFIED THOUGH BECAUSE I AM WRITING A HAMPTONS PORN CHAPTER FOR MY MULTI-PART AND I WAS LIKE 'OH SHIT I HOPE SHE DOESN'T WRITE THE SAME SEX ACTS BECAUSE HERS WILL BE BETTER' BUT YOU DIDN'T REALLY SO IT'S ALL GOOD.)

Anyway this ficathon is super fun, I'm gonna have to browse...

Ack, I am glad they can be cute like this! (Though, I kind of find them being really dirty to each other adorable also. I don't know why. I think it's because they are just cute, no matter what they do, on some base level.)

AND SHHH GO WRITE MORE BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO READ THAT. (Also lol sex acts, it's like a menu you can pick from, a mix and match, a pick and mix.)

Browse browse browse, write. It really is good fun.

:D And thank you. Quite a lot.

Omigosh I love you. WOW.

(Deleted comment)
I know what you mean about all the porn. I feel like now we're all just trying to top each other with how wrong we can be. But I am okay with this.


(Deleted comment)
Clearly you have been a bad influence. (Like actually quite obviously. Sorry about that.)

Thank you. Blush.

The thing is Castle, I’m not ashamed of anything we do. I never could be.

YES YES YES! I love you. Really, that's all I have to say. No other words suffice.

Yay thank you. I always love the lines you pick out. That's actually the line-slash-concept that started all of it. :)

When I first read "I want to be ashamed of the things we do this weekend" my immediate reaction was 'Pssssh like you ever would be' so it was especially awesome to have that truth occur at the end.

I think Beckett is the kind of person who would never be ashamed/regret things she does if she's totally sure and it makes her happy. Cos really, why bother?

Haha that's because great minds think alike obviously.

And I completely agree, plus I think she'd also be the sort of person who was very generous when it came to sex, the kind of person who would really genuinely want it to be a good experience for the other person, and I think she loves, but more importantly, trusts Castle enough to be into pretty much anything he'd suggest.

Yep definitely. There's so much trust between them at this point, it would absolutely extend to sex without any hesitation. I love that about them. And canon has been pretty good to us in terms of suggesting that Beckett is very open and non-judgemental in most areas of life.

And then he runs his hands up her arms, beneath the thin straps of her tank top and of her bra, presses his nails into her spine as he runs them down her back, stopping at her ass, thumbs in her back pockets.
It's like someone decided to torture me or something, because fuck. Just.. fuck.

(She is, however, quite good with her hands.)
If I'm allowed headcanon for someone else's fic, she used his belt after. Don't ask me about why I suddenly developed a belt fetish where these two are concerned.

He bites down on her shoulder. I can work with that.
Probably one of the things I love about him the most, it's his ability to roll with her punches.

– want to see your face when you come all over me.
IDK if this was written before Alyson's fic, or if this was after, or if this is spreading like thighs around the fandom, but my point is FUCKING YES, I APPROVE.

they shift until she’s sitting between his legs, her back to his front, the T-shirt she slept in edging up over her hips, helped along by his hand.
JFC. Fuck. This visual is not helping me.

She hits him, hard, with a pillow.
Perfect. Just... perfect.

Don't ask me about why I suddenly developed a belt fetish where these two are concerned.
Haha, I totally should've thought of that little bit of improvisation. (Though I have a weird thing about belts because, idk, that was always what my parents threatened punishment with as a child and I am as down with Freud as the next girl but that association is too weird even for me.)

And Alyson's fics are totally ruining my brain even further, so that was maybe a little bit ~inspired by~ ... but who doesn't love a little ejaculation on them once in a while? (Wow, probably the only time in my life I will get to use that sentence. Bless.)

Thank you thank you. Glad you liked. ;)

You, my friend, are the unmitigated mistress of Castle porn and I fucking love you for it.


Well that is the title I am obviously going to be putting on my business card.

Thank you so much.


That is all.

I haven't started to read but this is a Hamptons story, so you already win. 

The end. 

Kidding. Real review. 

I want to be ashamed of the things we do this weekend. - Paula. Can I call you that? I feel weird using someone's name when they haven't told me, but I figure I profess undying love to you enough where maybe it's acceptable by now. But this. I love you. 

She’s moving takeout from plastic containers to real plates (most of the time, this is her idea of a home cooked meal) when he bumps into her from behind, circles her wrists with his fingers and holds her completely still. And then he runs his hands up her arms, beneath the thin straps of her tank top and of her bra, presses his nails into her spine as he runs them down her back, stopping at her ass, thumbs in her back pockets.

I like your jeans.

He breathes against her shoulder, drops his mouth to it, tongues up the curve of her neck to huff in her ear. Forget food Beckett. His hands are suddenly at her hips and then under the waistband of aforementioned jeans. I want to eat you. - efhiiefiefhiefbiefbiebifwbiefbischiefniebiscbife. What are you doing to me?????

She does - (I want your mouth on my cunt Castle. I want you to make me come all over your face.) - and gloats in her victory until her orgasm mutes it and she rocks forward to get more of his mouth and his fingers, arms extended, hands still gripping the kitchen counter. (Oh. God. Fuck.) - What would you do if my entire review was just keyboard smashing? You want to find out? Ehiehiefieginvhieghigehifinefisfnue. 

So my phone has this app.

Really? That’s your line?

You don’t even know what it does yet. - Hahaha oh Castle. Of course it does. 

He thinks something incredibly tasteless about Steve Jobs, rolling over in his grave, and anatomically isolated rigor mortis. - LMAO. SJ would be proud of this line. He'd also be proud of the amount I use my iPad to read Castle porn. 

The end. Love. Laughed so hard. Paula, I can't even. How do you even do this so quickly? Genius every time (BTW I was on the bus this morning and not in a good mood - was grumpy and wanted to cry for no real reason - and a kid got on and I thought about your line about wanting to have a hysterical moment like a child and it seemed so fitting in the moment.) 

It's okay, I use my name on the Internet all the time, it doesn't surprise me when people know it anymore. :)

Also, I too like to think Steve Jobs would be proud of all the terrible things people do with Apple products. Good times. THAT IS TOTALLY A REAL APP. Which I have. (Um, it's not strictly for the purpose of making adult videos.) It's called 8mm - in the same vein as instagram, but for videos.

Thank you, as always. I'm really glad you liked it!


I feel that is something I can confidently promise.

(Thank you!)

love that every1 seems to be posting porn these days!

Great last line, and, what can I say besides: this was exceptionally hawwwwt =D thanks for writin' n sharing.

I know. Scrolling through castle-fic I was like, oh fandom.

Thank you. :)

This was amazing! And hot! Amazingly hot? :)

I would love a sequel where Castle accidently sends the video to Esposito (and Ryan) :D

Bahahaha oh my god! (Not sure how I would keep that light-hearted though because it seems like something that would only be funny on first inspection because, because ... poor Beckett!)

Thank you. :)

Weeell, maybe the first thing that Espo sees is Castle so he immediately stops watching when he realises what's going on :D So he won't even see Beckett lol


*fans self*

This was a two-fer:

1. Adored the story, though i would have thought Beckett wasn't quite crazy enough to let any of Rick's tech toys in the bedroom or where ever else they were getting it on 'cuz you just know he wouldn't be safe with the evidence...

She watches it on the screen, searches for the best angle.

I'm ashamed to admit i had a moment wondering if the best angle was for the picture or the connection with Castle's hand...

2. Howled with laughter reading the comments.

I think Castle is enough of a stand up guy not to go distributing their amateur sex tapes. But I did sort of nearly write in a part where Beckett takes custody of the video and allows visitation rights only.

Hahaha, no shame here. Clearly.

And oh dear. The comments.

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

where Beckett takes custody of the video and allows visitation rights only

I will assume these visitations would only take place with Beckett present with her hands on the equipment at all times. *g*



(I started from the last two lines actually, because... heh.)

Hottest story I've ever read. *dead*

totally hot, and then ending with a chuckle = perfect.

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